The Most Absurd Things Ever Done to Cars

This list of crazy aftermarket car mods showcases car creations from unhinged gearheads who dared to dream big and go stupid. Some of these funny cars are the result of true artistic vision; others hail from tragic trend seekers following the winds of social approval past the point of good taste and over the edge of complete idiocy.

Whether they have eye-popping body kits, oversized wheels, or solid walls of speakers, the weird cars on this list are all truly absurd. Absurd: "wildly unreasonable, illogical or inappropriate." Absurdity is a good thing sometimes. It can expand our horizons, take our brains and culture to places it's never been before. That's often a great thing. But most times, the places it takes us are best forgotten.

If any car on this list leaves you waiting for that next life-eradicating asteroid to hit, then don't worry. That's not absurd at all. It only means you're still blessed with the gift of sight, which you can use to vote up the most absurd aftermarket mods in automotive history.

  • 1. Saturday Morning Special

    Saturday Morning Special
    Photo: Pinterest
    152 votes
  • 2. Bat-Limo

    Photo: u/3uphemism / Reddit
    170 votes
  • 3. Corvette Pickup

    Corvette Pickup
    Photo: Pinterest
    167 votes
  • 4. Uncommon Animal

    Uncommon Animal
    Photo: Pinterest
    149 votes
  • 5. Bad Kitty

    Bad Kitty
    Photo: Pinterest
    156 votes
  • 6. This Belongs On The Fury Road

    This Belongs On The Fury Road
    Photo: u/K0EN1G5EGG / Reddit
    145 votes