This Guy Collects The Funniest Movie Reviews On Amazon, Because There Are Heroes Left In The World

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There's an art to making funny movie reviews. But on the Internet, that “art” is often unintentional. The AmznMovieRevws Twitter account collects the best of these awesomely bad reviews for all to enjoy. Although, the word "review" should be taken with a grain of salt. Many of the critiques from Amazon have little or nothing to with the actual movie. Some people use the platform to vent their relationship issues, conspiracy theories, and distrust of men in underwear.

For the ones that do stay on task, it's hard to see why the viewer chose the film in the first place. You can't fault Batman for keeping it in his pants when he has an PG-13 rating to work with. Also, if you're jonesing for realism, a documentary is probably the way to go; talking animals just don't cut the mustard. But if everyone went into the theater with realistic expectations, we probably wouldn't have hilarious movie reviews from Amazon to read now, would we?

Read through these bad Amazon movie reviews and be sure to vote up your favorite, hilarious entries.