The Most Hilarious Amazon Reviews Ever Written

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Every time you buy something on Amazon, you simply must take the time to leave a funny product review. If you fail to do so, you miss out on some of the greatest comedy opportunities the Internet offers to the casual shopper. When you channel your honest reviews through your own witty prose, you assist other shoppers with their own purchases, along with brightening their day. Furthermore, funny Amazon reviews are the least you can provide to a company that literally provides you with everything from facial creams to 50 Shades Darker on Blu-ray (have it in 24 hours if you order now!). 

Below lies a collection of funny reviews on Amazon for everyday items you can order on Amazon right now, if you feel so inclined. The next best thing to experiencing the sheer joy of the most epic Yelp reviews ever, these funny Amazon reviews are guaranteed to brighten your day and make you go fire up your Prime account. You might be at work right now, but the Amazon is always there for you.