15 Hilarious Images That Made Us Feel Like We're Witnessing The Birth Of A Supervillain

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Oftentimes, supervillains in pop culture go through pivotal moments in their lives that make them who they are: the Joker being dropped into the vat of chemicals, Loki learning about his Ice Giant heritage, et cetera. These events often end up becoming the source of inspiration, the driving force behind their actions. Luckily, supervillains don't actually exist (although some might argue whether or not that's true), but these images give that statement some pause. From kids reacting to their parents eating their food to animals getting cleaned and absolutely hating it, here are some of the funniest images that feel curiously akin to supervillain origin stories, enjoy!

  • 1. Precocious

    Photo: u/behindclosedeyelids / Reddit
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  • 2. Some Wounds Never Heal

    Some Wounds Never Heal
    Photo: u/qwertea_ / Reddit
    252 votes
  • 3. He'll Remember This

    He'll Remember This
    Photo: u/Mole2003 / Reddit
    86 votes
  • 4. Excellent

    Photo: u/blacksatan666 / Reddit
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  • 5. Sinister Evil

    Sinister Evil
    Photo: u/penultimate_evil / Reddit
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  • 6. Oh My

    Oh My
    Photo: u/kg1479 / Reddit
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