People Share The Strange And Hilarious Things Family Members Have Put In Their Wills

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It's never a happy occasion to have to say goodbye to a loved one, but they might still have a few surprises in store to get a shock or giggle out of their survivors, even from beyond the grave. How? Why, through a wild and creative last will and testament! All of these stories include deceased people who left funny stipulations or strange bequests in their wills. So, of all these weird things left in wills, which ones do you think are the wildest? Vote them up!

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    Revenge From Beyond The Grave

    Posted by u/UndeadKitten:

    "To my daughter Anne, who created my beautiful granddaughter Jane, and her dear fourth husband John, who laid hands on my Jane, I leave one dollar you money-grubbing b*stards. To Jane, I leave all of my monetary assets, save $5,000 and my best gun, which I leave to my son Bill, on the condition that he beats John bloody during the time between my funeral and my burial. Jane, bail your uncle out of jail, please."

    Other than names, this is the exact wording of a great-uncle's will... And in case anyone wondered, yes, Bill got his five grand. He didn't get arrested, though, because John had a warrant on him, so he didn't dare call the cops. Bill did kindly inform the police of his whereabouts a few weeks later.

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    Stick To The Script

    Posted by u/Headbangerfacerip:

    My grandpa gave me all his tools (which sounds dumb, but we are in the same trade, and it was a real life changer. It included a lift and his old shop truck, so I pretty much got everything to start my own shop but a building), a pretty good chunk of change, and his dog Tanner, as long as I made sure his live-in girlfriend at the time got nothing at all, and I told my uncle he was fat and his wife was going to leave him if she couldn't find his pecker. There was literally a script inside the will.

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    Getting Her Money's Worth

    Posted by u/FairyFlossFairy:

    My grandmother had her b**bs done when she was in her 60s. Nothing really wrong with that, but when she died, she wanted an open casket with her b**bs on display. Really, Nanna? She passed away at 80 and got exactly what she asked for. Grandad had ended up sticking two strategically-placed daisies on her b**bs. So she got what she wanted, and so did Grandad. RIP Granny, you silly b*tch, love you.

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    The Long Con

    Posted by u/kooknboo:

    My grandfather hated his neighbor. They lived next to each other for 20+ years. I remember well my grandfather raging at every opportunity about this guy. We never saw them speak to each other.

    In Grandpa's will, he left the guy $10K, a car, and golf clubs. We were dumbstruck.

    Turns out, they were good buddies from the army. When they coincidentally bought homes next to each other, they decided to play a long scam with both their families. They actually played golf together two to three times per week and had a monthly poker game for years.