15 Hilarious Times College Professors Sent The Wildest Emails To Their Students

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In high school, students seem to be told fairly often that college is a much more serious institution, and any expectations that university would be as casual as secondary school should be tossed out the window. However, in some cases, this piece of advice doesn't hold as much water as high school teachers and advisors would like. Case in point, these people have shared some of the wildest emails that their professors have sent them. From buying them Starbucks to make up for late attendance to cancelling class because they need to bail someone out of jail, these emails offer some hilarious proof that college doesn't need to be so deadly serious. Enjoy!

  • 1. He Doesn't Miss

    He Doesn't Miss
    Photo: @decentbirthday / Twitter
  • 2. Good For Them

    Good For Them
    Photo: @brynndle_n / Twitter
  • 3. An Absolute Rollercoaster 

    An Absolute Rollercoaster 
    Photo: @narwhalsarefalling / Tumblr
  • 4. Welcome To Hell

    Welcome To Hell
    Photo: @emilyschoka / Twitter
  • 5. A Bop

    A Bop
    Photo: @rainbowkarolina / Tumblr
  • 6. True Friendship

    True Friendship
    Photo: @saintalakae / Twitter