People Are Sharing Funny And Poignant Stories About English Teachers And They're Too Wholesome

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Teachers have an indelible impact on the minds of their students, and inevitably help shape the way that children and adolescents view and understand the world around them. English teachers in particular seem to be one of the most influential among the profession, at least according the testimonials and stories of the people in this list; perhaps it's due to the necessary empathy and open-mindedness that analyzing literature requires or perhaps there's something about the job that attracts certain types of people. Regardless of any reasoning behind or rationalization of the phenomenon, it's heartwarming to see so many people sharing wholesome and funny stories about their English teachers, helping prove why so many of them remain dear to their students' hearts, even years after taking their classes. From quoting Hamlet after stepping on an M&M to the different ways teachers made sure their students knew that they believed in them, here are some of our favorite stories about people's favorite English teachers.

  • 1. Gatsby Party

    Gatsby Party
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  • 2. Shoutout To Mr. B

    Shoutout To Mr. B
    Photo: @keep-ur-head-low / Tumblr
  • 3. Crying

    Photo: @DrDogchair / Twitter
  • 4. Telling The Truth About Things

    Telling The Truth About Things
    Photo: @homeworkforpigeons / Tumblr
  • 5. Wow

    Photo: @appendingfic / Tumblr
  • 6. Awesome

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