The Most Outrageous Animal Tongues of All Time

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List of weird animal tongues. The weirdest animal tongues are ranked here in order of weirdness. Here is a collection of close ups so that you can see the ins and outs of the mouths of mammals and reptiles alike. We're all familiar with cat tongues being especially special with their hairbrush-like bristles used to clean their bodies. But what other animal tongues are beyond cool? From frog tongues to fly tongues, these are the most outrageous tongues you'll find in the environment.

The chameleon's prehensile tongue is one of the most fascinating. However, it's hard to top anteater tongues, which can reach two feet to slurp up their prey. There are also birds with unusual tongues, as seen in our close-up photo of the hummingbird, which is renowned for its tongue. However, a snake might take the cake, both literally and figuratively, since its tongues often split off like a fork and extends such a distance that Gene Simmons would twist his tongue in jealousy. Vote up the weird animal tongue that you think is the most outrageous.
Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License