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13 Hilarious Anime Deaths That Were More Funny Than Sad

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In real life, it's never funny when a person passes away. That's not always true when it comes to fictional characters - actually, sometimes anime deaths are kind of hilarious. 

Some of the funniest anime deaths are ones we can laugh at because they aren't permanent. No matter how many times Dokuro-chan bashes Sakura's brains in, we know she'll just revive him in the end. Others are funny because they're staged so absurdly and come out of nowhere, like the moment when Dolph trips in Nichijou. A few probably weren't meant to be funny, but still are so weird it's hard not to laugh - could you really keep a straight face when Makoto Itou met his end in School Days.

Don't feel bad about laughing about these hilarious anime deaths - just vote up the ones that made you laugh the hardest.

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    The Brawn Makes A Mistake In 'One Punch Man'

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    When two brothers - one a massive and muscular man and the other his small and brainy brother - start wreaking havoc, Saitama has to do something about it. But when Marugori and Fukegao go up against Saitama, they lose before they can even get started. Marugori accidentally crushes his brother with his fist. Just as he's processing what he's done, Saitama takes him out with a single punch.

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    Kazuma Satō Screws Up Big Time In 'KonoSuba'

    Like most isekai protagonists, Kazuma Satō gets reincarnated into another world. Unlike most isekai protagonists, the way that he gets there is so sad that it's funny. When he tries to save a girl who he thinks is about to get hit by a truck, he ends up passing away from the shock of thinking he got hit himself. The truck is actually a slow-moving tractor, and the girl is totally fine. At least the poor guy gets another chance at life in a new world!

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    Anything Can Happen In 'Angel Beats' Limbo

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    Because Angel Beats takes place during the afterlife the characters can't permanently lose their lives - they've already done that. That opens up a ton of opportunities for them to temporarily pass on in ridiculous ways. This mostly happens when the SSS Brigade falls victim to the traps they set, which often result in launching themselves out the window or falling through the floor. Because the characters come back right afterwards, it's slapstick rather than tragic.

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    Ayumu Aikawa Reveals His Zombie Status In 'Is This A Zombie?'

    When Ayumu Aikawa gets hit by a truck while trying to save a cat's life, it doesn't really seem like it's going to be funny. But the tragedy is averted when he reveals that he's actually a zombie, so he's totally fine - physically, anyway. His dignity, on the other hand, is pretty bruised. When the truck launches him into the air, his clothes fly off too, leaving his naked body on display as he sails past a group of girls. To top it off, his nether regions are covered by a toupee that blew off someone elses' head in the process.

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