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13 Hilarious Anime Deaths That Were More Funny Than Sad

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In real life, it's never funny when a person passes away. That's not always true when it comes to fictional characters - actually, sometimes anime deaths are kind of hilarious. 

Some of the funniest anime deaths are ones we can laugh at because they aren't permanent. No matter how many times Dokuro-chan bashes Sakura's brains in, we know she'll just revive him in the end. Others are funny because they're staged so absurdly and come out of nowhere, like the moment when Dolph trips in Nichijou. A few probably weren't meant to be funny, but still are so weird it's hard not to laugh - could you really keep a straight face when Makoto Itou met his end in School Days.

Don't feel bad about laughing about these hilarious anime deaths - just vote up the ones that made you laugh the hardest.

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    Potato-dono Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice In 'Magical Witch Punie-chan'

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    Who says that vegetables can't be heroes? In a bizarre segment from Magical Witch Punie-chan, a group of vegetables prepares to become part of a curry. The carrot is nervous, but the potato is so ready that he takes a peeler to his vegetable body - damaging his eyes in the process. He then leaps into the pot of boiling water while his fellow veggies scream. It's kind of hard to be devastated by this one, but it's likely to make you laugh. 

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    Dolph Trips In 'Nichijou'

    There's nothing like seeing someone at the height of undeserved power getting totally obliterated by their own failure. That's what happens to Dolph as he's announcing his plan to take over the Fey Kingdom. With no warning, he trips over his own feet, falls over, and kicks the bucket on impact. Pathetic? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes. 

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    Sakura Kusakabe Gets Bludgeoned In 'Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan'

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    Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan is about an angel who is assigned to destroy Sakura Kusakabe before he can use science to stop girls from aging beyond twelve years. She decides to spare his life, but distract and annoy him so much that he can't concentrate on developing the science skills he needs to accomplish that nefarious goal. Her idea of annoying him often means annihilating him with a spiked bat and then reviving him.

    It's hard not to feel sorry for him, but it's equally hard not to laugh. 

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    Matt Passes Away Almost Immediately In 'Death Note'

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    Death Note is full of people passing away under circumstances that aren't even remotely amusing - and it's not like Matt's demise wasn't sad at all. It was. But because of how his character was handled, it was kind of hard not to laugh.

    Presented as Mello's colleague and friend, he seemed like he was going to be a major player in the series - but he ended up with only a few minutes of screen time. Just as he was talking about how sure he was that his opponents would not open fire, he was riddled with bullets. Sad, but in a series so focused on horrible things, you gotta take your ironic humor where you can. 

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