Harmless (But Hilarious) April Fools Pranks To Try On Your Friends

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April Fools' Day is just around the corner! Are you ready? If you're trying to come up with some clever pranks to pull on April Fools', you're in the right place. It's time to start plotting the best pranks to play on your friends this April Fools' Day, so we've rounded up some of the most hilarious April Fools' jokes we've seen on Instagram for inspiration. 

April Fools' Day isn't a new concept, the holiday has been around since the 1500s! Throughout history, people have loved playing a good prank. We just can't resist. But as much as we all enjoy playing a good joke on a friend, you don't want to accidentally hurt someone or truly piss them off. This is why the best jokes for April Fools' are the harmless but funny pranks. These pranks give everyone a good laugh, but not at anyone's embarrassment or expense. 

Here is a list of hilarious April Fools' jokes that are harmless, clever, and also super easy to pull off! Whether you're trying to prank friends, family, or your coworkers, these tricks will surprise anyone and make this year's April Fools' Day a memorable one.  


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    Freeze Their Computer Mouse


    A post shared by jordanmblythe (@jordanmblythe) on

    No high tech hacking here – just cover the computer mouse sensor with a single Post-it Note. They’ll be trying to figure out why their computer is frozen for ages. You can even write a tiny “Happy April Fools” on the Post-it for good measure! Your coworkers may hate you, but at least you helped them procrastinate for a little while... right?

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    Give Them a Frozen Breakfast


    A post shared by Jennifer Villafana (@runningmumjv) on

    Freeze a bowl with milk and cereal over night (don't forget the spoon) and set it out on the breakfast table on April Fools' morning. When your target tries to take a bite, they'll certainly be surprised! 

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    Draw a Spider On The Toilet Paper


    A post shared by David Bolanos (@db_twentythree) on

    Have a roommate or family member that is afraid of bugs? Use a marker to draw a spider on the toilet paper roll. Just be sure to remember to roll it back up, so that they are thoroughly terrified when they discover it while on the toilet. Feel free to let out an evil laugh when you hear them scream through the door... you earned it.

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    Get 'Em With Some Googly Eyes


    A post shared by Amy Silvey (@birdstringcreations) on

    Get some Googly Eyes from the craft store and put them on objects around the house, classroom, or office. See how long it takes for people to notice that they are being watched!