18 Random Memes About "Arcane" That Actually Made Us Laugh

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Arcane, Riot Games's addition to the League of Legends lore in television format, has attracted many fans, regardless of their experience with the video game, thanks to the show's impressive animation and compelling storytelling. In classic internet fashion, the memes have been pouring out. From ways that the show could have been much shorter to shipping Caitlyn and Vi, here are some of the best ones we've seen. Enjoy!

  • 1. Ah Yes

    Ah Yes
    Photo: u/VitorusArt / Reddit
    416 votes
  • 2. Thanks For Sharing Cait

    Thanks For Sharing Cait
    Photo: u/Rango_T_Lizard / Reddit
    187 votes
  • 3. True

    Photo: u/TheHardyBoysGrandma / Reddit
    310 votes
  • 4. Oof

    Photo: u/UnlawfulDuckling / Reddit
    182 votes
  • 5. Viktor Has Other Things On His Mind

    Viktor Has Other Things On His Mind
    Photo: u/wanderingsalad / Reddit
    196 votes
  • 6. Poor Vander

    Poor Vander
    Photo: u/Naive_Resolution5340 / Reddit
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