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The 16 Funniest Moments in Attack on Titan

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For the most part, there's not a lot of jokes in Attack on Titan. There just isn't too much that's hilarious about the last remaining bit of humanity being generously wiped out by freakin' Titans. But, despite all of that, there are times when Attack on Titan is funny.

After a series of giant, human-like creatures called "Titans" destroy one of the only barriers that stands between them and what's left of mankind, there's not much keeping humans from becoming completely extinct. Seriously, there's not much at all

Luckily, their soldiers have been specially trained for this sort of thing. It's up to these soldiers to defeat the Titans and regain the land that's been taken from them. It's a gruesome path, but the way that Eren, Mikasa, and Armin see it, putting their life on the line for humanity is better than living like a caged animal. Keep reading below for more funny Attack on Titan moments. 

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    Meeting Sasha Blouse, the Potato Girl

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    Instructor Keith's reaction to Sasha's clueless potato munching is something like pure horror mixed with a face someone might make if they knocked over their bowl of morning cereal.

    He confronts her, but she looks around as if he couldn't possibly be talking to her and... takes another bite.

    Her name is Sasha Blouse... and she actually stole that potato.

    God speed Potato Girl.

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    Mikasa Blames Eren's Fight on Sasha's Fart

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    Mikasa covers for Jean and Eren's fight by blaming the commotion on Sasha's fart. Even though many of the young soldiers are holding back their giggles, Instructor Keith doesn't even question it. In fact, he's not surprised that it happened again.

    This is probably a common thing for Sasha.

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    Captain Levi Doesn't Mess Around When It Comes to Cleaning

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    Captain Levi is cold, brooding, and intimidating. So when he takes charge of cleaning duties and you see him passionately bust through the windows in a cleaning outfit, it's a total change of character. 

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    Eren Learns Hange Can Talk Forever

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    Everybody leaves the table when Hange begins to tell a story. Eren is eager to learn more at first, but Hange ends up rambling all the way until the next morning.

    She still has tons of energy, but Eren is so exhausted that he has a blank zombie stare.

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