Yikes: Popular Names That Actually Mean Horrible Things

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Think your name might be on this list? Click through to find out if you have a weird and unfortunate meaning. Vote for the names that have the most embarrassing meanings.

You finally found the perfect baby name for your perfect little angel... it works with your last name, it honors a relative, it nods to your heritage, it doesn't rhyme with a curse word, and neither you nor your significant other has a relative, ex-lover, or enemy with that name. But before you go inking it on a certificate, you might want to check out its meaning. Some of the most beautiful and popular names have some of the most bizarre and not-so-pleasing definitions!

If your name meant “has no intelligence and is rather annoying,” would it bother you? Would you care if your baby’s name meant “smells like yak fur”? Even the prettiest-sounding names can fool you when it comes to their odd, sometimes kooky meanings. If you've got a thing for meaningful monikers, vote up the ones with the most surprising, and unfortunate, meanings.