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Yikes: Popular Names That Actually Mean Horrible Things

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You finally found the perfect baby name for your perfect little angel... it works with your last name, it honors a relative, it nods to your heritage, it doesn't rhyme with a curse word, and neither you nor your significant other has a relative, ex-lover, or enemy with that name. But before you go inking it on a certificate, you might want to check out its meaning. Some of the most beautiful and popular names have some of the most bizarre and not-so-pleasing definitions!

If your name meant “has no intelligence and is rather annoying,” would it bother you? Would you care if your baby’s name meant “smells like yak fur”? Even the prettiest-sounding names can fool you when it comes to their odd, sometimes kooky meanings. If you've got a thing for meaningful monikers, vote up the ones with the most surprising, and unfortunate, meanings.
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    Pippa is Greek Slang for a Sexual Act

    Princess Kate’s stunning younger sister has a name that means "lover of horses," but if you’re living in Greece, it’s also slang for a rather, ahem, lewd act. Fortunately, a lot of non-Mediterranean-types are picking it due to being a "lover of Pippa Middleton." Hey, what's not to love?

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    Randy is Sexually Charged Slang

    Like many in the United Kingdom, Austin Powers was fond of this term to describe his very, very, very strong feelings of, um… love. But frankly, if it weren't for people feeling randy, there probably wouldn't be many Randys!

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    Portia Means Swine

    According to some sources, Portia is of Latin origin and means swine or pig. However, it's fairly certain that Ellen’s beautiful wife, Portia de Rossi, doesn’t live in a barn, eat slop, or snort uncontrollably. The name is best known from Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice.

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    Kennedy Means Misshapen or Helmet Head

    For decades, this name conjured up images of Camelot, political leaders, and hunky John, Jr. Unfortunately, its meaning isn't quite as hunky as the man was. In name-speak, Kennedy means misshapen or "ugly" head. (Of course, if anyone could rock the helmet hair, it was definitely Jackie O.!)

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