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Hilarious Times Stunt Doubles Weren't Fooling Anyone

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There will almost always be crazy stunts in action movies and usually the actors are replaced by stunt doubles that look just like a-listers. They're necessary for safety reasons but some stunt doubles don't look a thing like the characters they portray. Movie editors are usually able to amend any dissimilarities in post production but when they forget, it's pretty hilarious. 

Some instances like when Robin Wright is mysteriously replaced by a mustachioed man in The Princess Bride are particularly ridiculous but there are other memorable stunt double replacements that deserve to be laughed at as well.

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    Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Are Obviously Taking Five During This Scene

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    Leonard Nimoy Is Having A Day Off During This Scene

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    William Shatner Tags In His Stunt Double For Fight Scenes

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    Robin Wright Tumbles Down That Hill For So Long That She Grows A Mustache

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