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28 Hilarious Signs Propped Up Outside Of Bars

Who doesn't love funny bar a-signs? Though they may not seem like much, pretty much anyone who has ever been out drinking in a pub crawl type setting knows that no one is more easily amused than a guy who's already had four to twenty beers so why not cash in on a little free advertising, right? The folks behind these funny a-signs outside bars understand the value of a good laugh. Here you’ll find funny things written on bar signs that range from hysterical false promises that totally own up to their own false advertising, to wise words of wisdom that invite you to take a good hard look at the impact that perpetual sobriety has had on your life as of late.

So whether you’re looking for a few great ideas for your own funny bar signs, or are just out for a laugh, you’ve come to the right place!
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    Truth Never (Initially) Looked So Good

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    Welcome to the Club, Cupcake

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    A Novel Thought Indeed...

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    Smartest Bartender Ever

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