17 of the Funniest Baseball Cards Ever Printed

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They may not be as prevalent or as cool nowadays, but not too long baseball cards were what all the cool kids were doing. Having a sweet deck made you the coolest kid in school. You could even trade cards with of  your Little League teammates! Amongst the hundreds of thousands of different baseball cards printed are some that stand out for their weird or funny appearance. From the player's name, to the silliness of the particular frame that was captured, these are the most ridiculous baseball cards you'll ever see. Take a trip down baseball card memory lane! It's America's favorite pastime for a reason!


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    Bill Ripken

    Bill Ripken
    Photo: Fleer
    Check out Bill with the explicit phrase written on his bat! How this made it all the way to being printed, the world may never know.
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    Keith Comstock
    Photo: Topps
    The photo was snapped right as poor Comstock was taking a baseball to the bread basket.
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    Mickey Hatcher
    Photo: Fleer

    That's certainly not a regulation sized glove, but Hatcher was captured carrying it on the field because of course he was.

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    Brian Hunter

    Brian Hunter
    Photo: Upper Deck

    Because he steals bases.... Get it?