What Is Your Style Of Humor, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

We all like to think we're that hilariously charming friend who slays at parties. While this may be true for some of us, our sense of humor may not be as universal or as commanding as we think it is. Different personalities find certain things funny, and what might make you giggle could very well depend on the position of the stars the day you were born. 

The truth is every astrological sign is humorous in their own way. The funniest zodiac signs aren't always the ones telling the broad, booming jokes (looking at you, Leo) - they could be the one making cutting remarks from the corner of the party or casually dropping esoteric references in conversation. 

Like the best quality of each zodiac or how zodiac signs get mad, there are various aspects that comprise each astrological entity's funny bone.

Photo: nappy / Pexels / Public Domain