Culture What Is Your Style Of Humor, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?  

Veronica Walsingham
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We all like to think we're that hilariously charming friend who slays at parties. While this may be true for some of us, our sense of humor may not be as universal or as commanding as we think it is. Different personalities find certain things funny, and what might make you giggle could very well depend on the position of the stars the day you were born. 

The truth is every astrological sign is humorous in their own way. The funniest zodiac signs aren't always the ones telling the broad, booming jokes (looking at you, Leo) - they could be the one making cutting remarks from the corner of the party or casually dropping esoteric references in conversation. 

Like the best quality of each zodiac or how zodiac signs get mad, there are various aspects that comprise each astrological entity's funny bone.

Everyone knows when an Aries is in the room. They are loud, confident, and full of enough energy to power a small town. The Aries is good for a loud, punchy joke. They deliver the perfect one-liners. That’s how the Aries does humor: a quick, perfectly-timed hilarious bomb.

However, the Aries can also be impulsive and cross the line from time to time. While the Aries can be the hysterical, loud friend, they need to remind themselves not to be too crass or too offensive during the wrong moment - like at that really important work function.

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The Taurus generally tells a joke that doesn't necessarily feel like one, as they rely on their extreme personality and insane statements for humor. The Taurus is a lover of luxury and is very self-indulgent, which is where their funny side comes from.

The Taurus makes comments about their need for the good life, their need for the Netflix life, or whatever other kind of indulgent life toward which they are leaning. The Taurus makes their loud, give-me-more personality a living punch line.

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The Gemini can be an unpredictable sign, and it’s often said they have interchanging personalities. This mercurial nature makes for some pretty random jokes. Energetic and full of life, the Gemini also isn’t against physical humor. A Gemini friend is likely to crack everyone up while trying - very poorly - to replicate Beyoncé’s killer moves.

Also, the Gemini’s many curiosities and interests allow them to deliver jokes in many different areas. The Gemini may tell a joke about Kylie Jenner, Pablo Picasso, and the Roman Empire all within in one conversation.

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The Cancer is a sign that adjusts their sense of humor depending on their audience. As an intuitive, loyal, and emotional sign, the Cancer is able to read a room or a person and adjust their sense of humor accordingly. The Cancer is as effective at telling at joke at a room at a preschool as a room at a nursing home.

This Water sign is generally good-natured. Their jokes are never intended to push the envelope, but rather are designed to simply bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

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