The Funniest Bird Names to Say Out Loud

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Bird names only - no lizards or anything. Vote based on the silliness of the name, when spoken to a friend or even just yourself.

Are you a real loon? Or even a bit of a smew? Well good for you! That means you have a funny bird name that will make everyone giggle, morning, noon, or night. These silly names of birds are a fun way to learn about the many wondrous bird species that inhabit the earth, but also treat yourself to a laugh at the same time! On the off chance you are here trying to pick out a name for your very own new pet bird (lucky!), check out these punny bird names, too!

Birds are pretty weird when you stop to think about them. They are covered in feathers, they are related to dinosaurs (!!!), and they can fly through the air like it's just an everyday thing and not totally amazing. But the thing that is best about many kinds of birds is that they have cool names that provide endless hours of entertainment.

Try it right now. Say "bushtit" to your BFF or closest bro. I bet you he or she will laugh out loud. It's just a funny name to say. And why not enjoy life instead of just being grumpy all the time? Go on, scroll through this list of bird names, say some out loud with your voice, upvote the funniest, and maybe even learn the scientific name of the little bittern bird while you're at it. You never know when any piece of bird information might come in handy!

Also, if you are an avid birder, and can think of a few more top notch bird names that make you giggle out in the field so hard that the whooper swan you were spotting got startled and flew away, then definitely add those funny birds to this list so we can all laugh and laugh together.

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