Funny Names To Give A Pet Bird

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Vote up the funniest, cleverest names to give pet birds, like parrots or parakeets.

If you’re looking for the funniest ideas of what to call your new pet, this list of bird names is a great place to start. It all depends on what you want. Going for cool bird names? Clever bird names? Creative bird names? This list can help you give your feathered friend a proper moniker reflecting his or her personality.

When it comes to punny bird names, this list has you covered. Musical references are a great way to go, like Chick Jagger or Conway Tweety. And then there are celebrity puns - how about naming your bird Dame Judi Finch, Christopher Squawken, Meryl Cheep, or Feather Flocklear? If you find your bird is particularly pushy and controlling, you could always opt to call him The Godfeather. If he’s brilliant, it's a good idea to go for Stephen Squawking or Flight D. Eisenhower.

Birds and parrots make excellent pets, and they are fun to name. Decide on the very best funny and cute bird names with your votes, and add your own favorites to the list.

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    Stephen Squawking

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    Quackie Chan

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    Marty McFly

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    The Godfeather