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The Best Bo Burnham Jokes, Ranked

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Here are the best Bo Burnjam jokes, ranked by comedy fans everywhere. Years ago, Bo Burnham would upload funny videos of him in his bedroom singing dirty songs. Now, he plays to comedy fans around the world. His performances have taken on a darker aesthetic of late. Before superstardom, he would just sing about funny math problems and now, he has full-on existential crises on stage. From the funny to the profound, here are the most hilarious Bo Burnham jokes of all time.

From Words, Words, Words to Make Happy, Bo has had some incredible stand-up specials over the years. He's also branched out into writing and directing feature-length films. In 2018, he showed off his acumen behind the camera by writing and directing Eighth Grade, which went on to win a slew of awards. Bo Burnham has a lot of talent, and no matter what he's doing, he has the ability to capture audience's attention while making them burst out in laughter. 

It is tough to pin down the funniest Bo Burnham joke of all time. The bits on this list span his entire career, so if you consider yourself a fan, then start voting up your favorite jokes that still manage to make you chuckle.

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