Funny Boat Names That'll Get a Hull of a Lot of Laughs

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Have you ever dreamed of dreamed of owning a boat? Do you love spreading laughter everywhere you go? Well if you’re a fun loving sailor, then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve gathered a collection of funny boat names that are guaranteed to get a hull of a lot of laughs. (See what we did there?) So bust out the rum and let the Jimmy Buffet play because we’ve got some of the puniest boat names ever to hit the high seas!

While some of these funny boat name puns were clearly purposeful displays humor and puntastic wit, we suspect that others may not have been quite as well thought out before they hit the waves. We’ve got everything from G-rated, grandpa style humor to puns that lean a little more to the adult side (including a surprising amount of boob jokes). So if you’re ready for a good laugh at high tide, you're going to love these boat puns.

Whether you’re looking for a few ideas to keep the folks at your own local dock laughing, or just can’t get enough of eye-roll worthy puns, we’ve got just the ship for you. Don’t give into pier pressure to stay behind, because we’re getting ready to keep it reel with this high class collection of sex-sea boat names, buooooooy. Rest assured, it’s all downhill from here as roll out a collection of hilarious boat puns that’ll have you saying, “Knot bad.”