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The Funniest Moments in the Borderlands Games

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The Borderlands games have a lot of shoot 'em up action, but more than anything, they have humor. It's one of the funniest game franchises out there, so we had to take a look at all the hilarious sequences and moments in the game series, putting them in a handy list so you can vote and settle just which Borderlands bit is the funniest in all of Pandora.

Whether you enjoy Claptrap's antics or the aggressive insanity of Torgue, there are a lot of funny Borderlands moments here to choose from. We've listed moments from all the games: if you grok to Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Tales From the Borderland, or the original, there's something funny here for you.

So give our list a gander. Vote up the funniest beats from the Borderlands games and downvote any moments that just don't capture the anarchic, demented spirit of these video games.
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    Mr. Torgue Is Too Busy Suplexing a Shark

    Video: YouTube
    In the Torgue DLC, Mr. Torgue is apparently too busy, so busy, in fact, that he can't get you the sponsor that you need for "legal reasons" to become Number One BadA** in Pandora. 
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    Handsome Jack Just Wants to Know How You're Doing

    Video: YouTube

    Every once in a while, Handsome Jack just pops up, usually snacking on something, and wants to see how things are going with you - even though he really wants to get rid of you. 

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    Tiny Tina's Third Favorite Murderer

    Video: YouTube
    When Tiny Tina hears that Sully the Stabber was in town, she just has to get his autograph. Because a psychopath asking for a murderer's autograph couldn't possibly go wrong. 
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    Karima Has Had Enough of Dave

    Video: YouTube
    After a long sequence setting up a shield for Overlook, it comes time to test it with a mortar cannon. Of course, all along the way, Dave has been incessantly sexist toward Karima, leading her to finally decide enough is enough.