The Funniest Bumper Stickers on the Road

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Funny bumper stickers are the only bumper stickers worth paying attention to from behind the wheel. People slap stickers and decals to their rear bumpers for all kinds of reasons, but this list is dedicated to those rare bumper stickers that are actually funny. Your votes will decide the funniest bumper stickers on the road, determining which stickers are worth their adhesive and which decals are just dumb.

When you're driving, pretty much the only way to express yourself is through your horn or the occasional flipped bird. Maybe that's why some drivers are compelled to express their political or religious beliefs through stickers. We're not interested in political bumper stickers, however. We're here for the comedy, for the clever car stickers that make you smile during the rolling stress festival that is your morning commute.

We've saved you the trouble of sifting through all those silly "How's my driving? Call 1-800-EAT-SH*T" bumper stickers. A lot of the decals on this list are clever, poking fun at the stupidity of bumper stickers, and a lot of them are so dumb they just might be clever. All of them are funny, but only you can decide which are the best. Vote up the funniest bumper stickers below!
Photo: JS Artworks