Humor The Most Genius Tweets from Burger King's Twitter Account  

Lindsay Weglarz
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When one thinks about Burger King, the normal reaction is to think about great tasting burgers, or to start salivating at the thought of taking a bite of those crispy onion rings. But, what you might not know about BK is, BK is hilarious on Twitter. Burger King's Twitter game is strong. Here are some some seriously funny Burger King tweets.  

Burger King is always there for you during those days where you don't have time to cook, or let's just be real...the times you want to indulge in their menu favorites: The Whopper, Chicken fries, and the Croissan'wich. They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner items that are irresistible and addicting. What they don't list on their menu are their tweets, and their Twitter writer's will leave you craving more.  

The Burger King Twitter account has over 15k tweets, and they interact with customers daily! From relationship advice, to BK PSA's, here are just 27 of the best tweets Burger King has served up with a smile!
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When You Can't Find Bae

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When They Know You Better than You Know Yourself

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Adults Can Play Make Believe Too

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I Now Pronounce You Man and Burger