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34 Cake Pops That Are Too Funny to Eat

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Are you sick of busting out the same old conformist pastries every time you have a birthday or other major life event? Well say “no more!” to boring cakes and cupcakes from the neighborhood bakery. Here you’ll find a collection of wild, wacky, and funny cake pops that will put a smile on the face of everyone at your next event - for reasons that go far beyond their blatant sugar-infused tastiness.

These funny cake pop pictures are guaranteed to get those creative cake pop ideas rolling. “But I’m a dude and far too masculine for the cake pop,” you say? Think again, pal. Among this vast assortment of cake pops, you'll behold some of the manliest damn pops ever to bust out of a bakery. “But wait, I’m not a dude and I shamelessly adore things like kittens,” you protest? Worry not! There are pops featuring famous members of kitty kind like Grumpy Cat and Pusheen.

No matter who you are or what you like, you’ll find something here that makes your mouth water.