People Who Love Things They Don't Understand

Were you that kid who always had something better to do during English class? Did you simply think that the Spelling Bee was just for nerds? Perhaps you're just more of a math person, or you've at least gotten this far relying on your cellphone's autocorrect function? If so, you're not alone. We've put together a list of the funniest misspelled captions, social media posts, and even PR campaigns to assure you that it's never too late to learn how to spell.  

These funny misspellings are so bad that they’re actually quite brilliant, as they prove time and time again that spelling matters. In the following funny captions, posts, and signs you’ll see advocacy go horribly wrong as inspirational messages are botched and bold declarations become epic spelling fails.

Check out this list of the funniest unfortunate misspellings below. 


  • Permission To Nom Granted?

    Permission To Nom Granted?
  • Oh Boy. Here We Go.

    Oh Boy. Here We Go.
    Photo: Pinterest
  • Searching For A Detective

    Searching For A Detective
    Photo: Imgur
  • Subliminal Messaging = Nailing It.

    Subliminal Messaging = Nailing It.
    Photo: Pinterest
  • Maybe Rethink?

    Maybe Rethink?
    Photo: Imgur
  • What Kind Of Lunch Room Are You Running Here?

    What Kind Of Lunch Room Are You Running Here?
    Photo: u/kennagetanother / Reddit