funny 67 Insane Car Modification FAILs  

Jude Newsome
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These are the worst, car decorations, modifications, and custom car jobs of all time. Even those of you who used to watch "Pimp My Ride" RELIGIOUSLY will be appalled by these trashy car mods. From the wonderful minds of some of the top people in redneck innovation, to some dudes who can't come to terms with the idea that they own a Dodge Neon, there's nothing but hilarious, sad, and actually pretty expensive-looking car mod fails on this list that will make you happy you have absolutely any semblance of taste. Also, it might make you jealous if you think that a 1987 buggy turned into a monster truck is what would get you the ladies and/or fellas. 

Either way, here's a gallery, compiled from the Internet, of the absolute worst car decorations and modifications of all time. Surely, people's poor taste will make it so that we'll need at least 75,000 of these lists, but for now, enjoy this car modification gallery for what it is: hilarious, re-affirming, and sad – all at the same time. 

From cars with eyelashes, to overdone, airbrushed, cartoonish people who are meant to be "sexy," and otherwise "nice" cars made into something that looks like what a losing contestant would be stuck with on "The Price Is Right."

Vote up the ones that make you the sickest and vote down those that you would drive into your high school reunion.

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