20 Insane Car Modification FAILs

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These are quite possibly the most innovative car decorations, modifications, and custom car jobs of all time. Even those of you who used to avidly watch Pimp My Ride may be appalled by these car mods. Hilarious, bizarre, and sometimes actually pretty expensive-looking, these car mod fails are sure to please the car enthusiast in you. Also, it might make you jealous if you think a revamped toilet decal truck will get you dates. 

Either way, here's a gallery, compiled from the Internet, of the funniest car decorations and modifications of all time. Vote up the ones you think would be considered a Pimp My Ride fail.

  • 1. The Smart Tank

    The Smart Tank
    Photo: Pinterest
    3,596 votes
  • 2. The Toilet Truck

    The Toilet Truck
    Photo: Pinterest
    3,112 votes
  • 3. Duct Tape Paint Job

    Duct Tape Paint Job
    Photo: Pinterest
    2,927 votes
  • 4. Road Warrior

    Road Warrior
    Photo: Pinterest
    2,746 votes
  • 5. The Dragon Car Is Legit

    The Dragon Car Is Legit
    Photo: Pinterest
    3,242 votes
  • 6. The Mini Cooper That Looks Like A Corvette

    The Mini Cooper That Looks Like A Corvette
    Photo: Pinterest
    2,693 votes