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15+ Pictures Of Cats That Almost Definitely Regret Everything

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While most members of the kitty kingdom will assure you that all cats are impervious to error, the following funny cat pictures say otherwise. Locked away from human eyes by the highest government levels of kitty kind for decades, these photos of cats that made a mistake have finally surfaced. The photos you're about to behold feature cats that got stuck in a variety of hilarious positions and who have known the cold, cruel reality of regret.  

Prepare to feast your eyes on a collection of photos of cats stuck in things, in need of a little assistance, or otherwise regretting their poor life choices. While the cats featured in these hilarious photos claim they were demonstrating what not to do in order to educate their weaker-minded human companions, skepticism remains high that this may not be the actual truth.

  • 1. If It Fits It Ships Cat Says 'Never Again'

    Photo: u/Christmas_Pirate / Reddit
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  • 2. Indoor Cat Discovers The Freedoms Of The Wild Are Not For Him

    Photo: u/griter34 / Reddit
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  • 3. Hide And Seek Cat Prays That Dogs Can't Look Up

    Photo: A Former Redditor / Reddit
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  • 4. Peeping Tom Cat Gets His Comeuppance

    Photo: u/darthnut / Reddit
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