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21 Nonsense Phone Cases You Should Be Embarrassed to Buy

Updated 6 Nov 2017 570 votes 178 voters 2.6k views21 items

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But hey... we won't tell if you do. For better or worse, smartphones have become one of our most invaluable necessities. It's almost as if we're addicted to them. You know... like really, really addicted. The addiction has gotten so bad that many people have begun treating their cell phone like it's their first-born child, showering it with a bunch of gifts and accessories it doesn't need.

Sure, things like headphones, phone cases, and car chargers are essentials for your mobile device, but if you're relying on incredibly dumb phone accessories to express your "funny" personality, then it might be time to start rethinking your life. And then, there's what you find below: a virtual buffet of horrifying inventions, fugly cases, and straight-up nonsense. These phone accessories instantly turn your smartphone into a "dumbphone."

Are these phone cases funny or stupid? You decide.
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