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22 Times Charles Barkley Made Everyone LOL

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Charles Barkley is a funny guy, sometimes intentionally, and often times not. Beginning with his 15 years in the NBA career and continuing through his broadcasting career, Barkley has always known how to get fans laughing. And it's not just Charles Barkley quotes that get people going either, sometimes the man's facial expressions and onscreen antics are the funniest part of watching a game. Whether it's playfully throwing water on a teammate's face, throwing real punches in the middle of a match up, or throwing shade during an interview, he's just got what it takes to make people chuckle.

Things have gotten even better since Shaq came back into his life. They fought in their NBA days, but now Shaq and Charles are like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They're pretty great by themselves, but when you put them together, they're unstoppable. (Unless there's food in the way. You could probably stop Shaq and Barkley with some food.)

The man that they call the Round Mound of Rebound put up some pretty impressive numbers in his career, but those numbers pale in comparison to the millions he's made laugh. Check out these Charles Barkley GIFs and vote for what you think are Barkley's funniest moments.
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    When All He Wanted for Christmas Was Less Kenny


     C'mon, Kenny.

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    When He Showed Us The Moves Like Jagger

    Can't wait to see him on Dancing With the Stars.

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    When He Did His Best Happy Gilmore Impression


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    When Something Just Didn't Smell Right

    Wait... what is that?

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