Graveyard Shift The Most Bizarre Encounters From Chatroulette, The Weird And Random Web Video Chat Site  

Stefanie Hammond
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Chatroulette takes its name from the macabre game Russian Roulette, randomly matching users with video chat partners from all around the world. What could go wrong with this formula? 

For some users, Chatroulette's an incredible opportunity to speak to people all across the globe, learn about different cultures, and even practice a foreign language. For others, it can be a place of lewd, adult acts, offensive language, and much more.

About eight months after Chatroulette launched, untoward behavior reached a critical mass, causing the site's daily user count to nosedive. Proprietors made efforts to combat these losses and allegedly banned thousands of users daily, but some still sneak through the cracks.

Redditors' stories of weird things on Chatroulette will either make you want to sign on or never sign up.

Watched A Man Hang Himself

From Redditor /u/Rockysteamer:

Saw a guy hang himself. Needless to say I haven't been on since.

Sometimes A Good Match Can Lead To Something More

From Redditor /u/jherold97:

Ended up talking to some redhead on Chatroulette only to find out she was in the same town as me. Better yet, she was in the same apartment building as me. We met up.

Wife Used Chatroulette For Art, Chaos Ensued

From Redditor /u/Wayrin:

One of my wife's colleagues at a major US art college used Chatroulette for an art piece. Chatroulette was on as she was defending her work in front of four professors and about 20 other students.

A few guys showed up d*ck in hand, saw the audience, and quickly moved on. One guy just smiled a knowing smile and finished the job.

She Wanted To Fart In Their Mouth

From Redditor /u/lawlshane:

I ended up talking with this one guy from Europe and eventually he brought his sister out to say hi. He left for a bit and she started saying how she wanted to fart in my mouth and stuff. It was odd.