Funny Names to Give a Chinchilla 

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If you’ve just become a chinchilla pet owner, congratulations! Now it’s time to give that little fluffy ball of joy a proper name. If you need creative chinchilla names, this list of chinchilla names is going to prove quite helpful for you and your new friend.

There are a host of really good, really funny names for chinchillas, most of them about this adorable animal’s name itself. Cool chinchilla names like “Chilla” and “Killa” and “Chilli” come to mind immediately, and don’t rule out others like “Chile” and “Andes (where the chinchilla originated).

Some of the more clever chinchilla names also use this sweet animal’s name. Why not go with “Double Chin” (okay, maybe that’s mean, but it is funny)? If your chin seems particularly combative, why not name him “Chinzilla”? If he’s a laid-back chin, “ChillyWilly” would be perfection. And if he comes from a long line of pedigreed chinchillas, “Chin Dynasty” has a lovely ring to it.

Some cute pet chinchilla names include “Danger Mouse,” “Gizmo,” “Chewie” (especially because chins can and will chew through almost anything in your house), “Dusty” (dust baths! So fun!), “Furby” or “Stitch.” A lot of people think that Stitch from Lilo and Stitch looks suspiciously like a chinchilla.

Whatever funny chinchilla name you wind up choosing, vote up your favorites on this pet chinchilla name ideas list – other chin owners will thank you.

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