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Funny Names to Give a Chipmunk

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Aww, chipmunks are so cute! Do you have a pet chipmunk and need a fun name? This list of funny and clever chipmunk names might prove helpful. After all, every chipmunk deserves a great moniker.

In terms of cool chipmunk names, there are a few – most notably “HipMunk” if you’ve got a hipster chipmunk. Because they’re out there. If you have a particularly good-looking chipmunk and you need a nifty name, how about “ChipHunk”? You could always go with “Tiny Ground Squirrel,” too. And, if your chipmunk likes to dance, definitely go with “Funky Munky.” If he’s got a serious musical bent (or a chip on his shoulder), name him “ChipPunk.”

Chipmunk name ideas can also be based on popular chipmunks in movies and on television. And yep – “Alvin” comes to mind, as does “Simon,” “Theodore,” “Brittany,” “Jeanette” and “Eleanor.” You could also go with “Chip” or “Dale,” too.

Other creative chipmunk names reflect some of this tiny rodent’s physical characteristics and sounds made. A particularly chirpy chipmunk could be “Sir ChirpsALot,” and of course, you’ll want to consider “Cheeky” because…those cheeks! “Nibbles” and “Chipper” are also excellent choices.

Vote for your favorite funny names for pet chipmunks, and consider adding a few names of your own to the list.

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List Rules: Vote up the funniest, most clever names to give pet chipmunks.