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The Funniest Lines in Christmas Movies

Funny Christmas movie quotes include the absolute most hilarious lines from holiday comedy movies. Which quotes from funny Christmas movies? From modern Christmas movie classics like A Christmas Story and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to the newest holiday movie releases like Arthur Christmas, these movies keep us laughing long after Santa arrives, gifts are opened and friends and family depart. Which Christmas movies have the funniest quotes? Behold, the greatest, funniest quotes from Christmas movies for young and old! Is your all-time favorite, funniest Christmas film quote not on the list? Definitely vote it up and be sure to vote for all your faves.

Whether it's Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell, in the instant Christmas classic movie Elf), Billy Bob Thornton as the totally deranged, super-mean store Santa, Willie, in Bad Santa or Bill Murray as Frank Cross in 1988's awesome, twisted Christmas movie Scrooged, these characters gave us quotes that won't soon be forgotten. The best Christmas movie quotes stick with you long after the film's credits roll. What's the most quotable holiday movie ever? That's a tough choice, as you'll see from this list. If I had to pick just one, it would without a doubt be 1983's A Christmas Story. Bet I'm not the only one who can quote it from memory! Besides, it's on 24/7 in the weeks leading up to Santa's big arrival - it's almost impossible not to watch it at least twice annually.

So let's raise a glass of warm apple cider (or hot chocolate, or both) to the great Christmas comedy movies. Enjoy the list, and happy holidays!

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    'A Christmas Story' - Deranged Easter Bunny

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    Adult Ralphie: Aunt Clara had for years labored under the delusion under the illusion that I was not only fours year-old but also a girl.
    Mrs. Parker: She just always gives you the nicest things Ralphie. Oh my - Oh, isn't that sweet. Ralph, go upstairs and try it on.
    Ralphie: I don't want to.
    Mrs. Parker: Go upstairs right now and try on that present. She went to all that trouble to make it. Now go on. . . Ralphie, we're waiting!
    Ralphie: Come on, Mom.
    Mrs. Parker: Right now!
    Adult Ralphie: Immediately, my feet began to sweat as those two fluffy little bunnies with the blue button eyes stared sappily up at me.
    Mrs. Parker: Oh, my - Come down so I can see you better.
    Adult Ralphie: I just hoped that Flick would never spot 'em, as the word of this humiliation could easily make life at Warren G. Harding School a veritable hell.
    Mrs. Parker: Oh, isn't that cute! That is the most precious thing I've ever seen in my life!

    [Randy laughs]

    Ralphie: Shut up.
    Mr. Parker: He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny.


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    'Christmas Vacation' - Happy Hanukkah

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    Frank Shirley: Write a summary and have it to me by the end of the day.
    Clark Griswold: My pleasure.
    Frank Shirley: Layman's terms. None of that inside bullsh*t jargon nobody understands.
    Clark Griswold: Yes, sir... Oh, Mr. Shirley. We got your Christmas card the other day, and my family and I are very flattered that you remembered us.
    Executive: (to Mr. Shirley) Corporate cards.
    Frank Shirley: Don't forget that report, Bill.
    Clark Griswold: Yes, sir. Thank you. Merry Christmas. (to Executive) Merry Christmas. (to Executive) Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah. 

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    'Elf' - Son of a Nutcracker

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    Mr. Hector: This is the Concierge, sir!
    Johnny: I knew it was you. I could smell you getting off the elevator. You was here last night too, wasn 't you?
    Mr. Hector: Yes, sir. I was.
    Johnny: You was here and you was smooching with my brother.
    Mr. Hector: You're mistaken, sir!
    Johnny: Don't give me that. You've smooched everybody. Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Moe with the gimpy leg. Cheeks, Boney Bob, Cliff...
    Cedric & Maureen: (GASPS)
    Mr: Hector: No! It's a lie!
    Johnny: I could go on forever, baby.
    Mr. Hector: I'm terribly sorry, sir. I'm afraid you're mistaken! We're looking for a young man.
    Johnny: All right, I believe you... but my Tommy gun don't.
    All: (GASPS)
    Johnny: Get down on your knees and tell me you love me. On your knees.
    All: I love you!
    Johnny: (LAUGHS) You gotta do better than that!
    All: I love you!
    Johnny: Maybe I'm off my hinge, but I believe you. That's why I'm gonna let you go. I'm gonna give you till the count of three to get your lousy, lying, low-down, four-flushing carcass out my door. One! Two!
    Johnny: Three. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

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