17 Hilarious Christmas Tumblr Posts That Got Us Into The Holiday Spirit

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From dissecting the themes of every Christmas song to interesting traditions across the world and throughout different households, here are some of the best Tumblr posts about Christmas that we've seen. Enjoy!

  • 1. Adorable

    Photo: u/ExpertAccident / Reddit
    24 votes
  • 2. Punk Santa

    Punk Santa
    Photo: u/Available_Subject / Reddit
    23 votes
  • 3. Oh Dang

    Oh Dang
    Photo: u/angelholme / Reddit
    23 votes
  • 4. Christmas Beetles

    Christmas Beetles
    Photo: u/ExpertAccident / Reddit
    21 votes
  • 5. Christmas Music

    Christmas Music
    Photo: u/starsinursa / Reddit
    21 votes
  • 6. SoCal Christmas

    SoCal Christmas
    Photo: u/jkjkat / Reddit
    20 votes