Hilarious (And Totally Harmless) Church Pranks

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Let's face it: church can sometimes be a bit of a snooze. Fortunately, there are some funny church pranks anyone can pull to lighten up the mood and make the experience more interesting. Remember, pranks don't have to be mean-spirited, nor should they be when it comes to church. There are plenty of silly church pranks that are totally harmless and sure to give your fellow churchgoers a hearty laugh.

Of course, every church is different, so first and foremost, use your discretion and best judgment when choosing the prank you want to pull. One church might laugh at an innocent prank, while another might take that same prank quite seriously. In addition to gauging how your church may respond, you should also remember to err on the side of caution. Keep nuance in mind. Silly is good; over-the-top can easily cross the line.

When you're pulling a church prank, though, who's on the other side of the joke? Is God the prankee? Your parents? Are you pulling the prank solely to impress your youth group friends? Whatever, the case, vote up the hilarious and harmless pranks you'd pull in church.

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    Make Your Youth Pastor's Door Musical

    This takes a little work, but it's well worth the investment. Buy one of those musical greeting cards that plays a song when you open it. Dismantle the card and remove the small sound device. Then, tape it to the hinge of your youth pastor's door, being sure to close the door when you leave. Every time your youth pastor opens and closes the door, that annoying little tune will play. 

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  • Read Your Bible Or Hymnal Upside-Down
    Photo: Jayzl Nebre-Villafania / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0
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    Read Your Bible Or Hymnal Upside-Down

    When reading from the Bible or singing from a hymnal, flip the book over and read it upside-down. Be totally straight-faced about it, as if nothing at all is unusual. The people who notice will surely get a kick out of it.

    You could even do this if you have to read in front of the whole church. Memorize your passage ahead of time. Then, when you're facing the congregation, pretend to read from the upside-down Bible when you're really just reciting what you've committed to memory.

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    Talk About Pulling An Epic Prank In Church – And Then Do Nothing

    It's all about the anticipation. Before church starts, tell others that you are planning to pull an epic prank during the service. Build it up as something huge and hilarious, but be vague in your details, and insist they'll just have to wait and see what you have in store.

    Then, do nothing. Everyone is going to be waiting with bated breath – and you're just going to leave them hanging. It'll be frustrating for them, and hilarious for everyone else.

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    Prank-Call Your Youth Pastor

    In an age of near-universal cellphones, it can be hard to make an anonymous call. In the United States, you can dial *67 before the phone number to prevent a caller ID from picking up your digits.

    For this prank, call your church's youth pastor, tell them you're from a local radio station, and inform them they've won a cash prize. Then tell them they have to come down to the station to collect their winnings. When they show up, they'll realize they've been had.

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  • Speak With An Accent
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    Speak With An Accent

    Perfect a foreign accent, and throughout services, speak to your fellow churchgoers in your new voice. The trick to making this prank work is to commit to the performance. As you interact with others, don't give any sign or indication that you're aware of the accent. When people ask about it, feign surprise. If nothing else, it will get people talking.

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  • Invite People To A Fake Party At Your Youth Pastor's House
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    Invite People To A Fake Party At Your Youth Pastor's House

    Prank your youth pastor by sending out invitations to a nonexistent party to be held at their home. You can take this one as low-key or as far as you find appropriate. Share information about the "party" with your church friends and ask them to pass the word around, send out e-vites with the youth pastor's address, or go all out and write up actual paper invitations and pass them out. When a line of partiers shows up at your youth pastor's door, everyone is going to be really confused.

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