27 Funny History Posts That Prove Classical Art Makes For The Best Memes

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Classical art may not be for everybody, but thankfully memes are universally loved. The users over at r/trippinthroughtime pay homage to history's most classical art by turning them into memes that are way too hilariously relatable. This subreddit puts a modern spin on historical art and proves that some art truly is timeless. Be sure to vote up the funniest classical art memes!

  • 1. The Good Old Days

    The Good Old Days
    Photo: u/DaphneButt / Reddit
    167 votes
  • 2. The Downside Of Midnight Snacking

    The Downside Of Midnight Snacking
    Photo: u/killHACKS / Reddit
    146 votes
  • 3. Party Foul

    Party Foul
    Photo: u/killHACKS / Reddit
    157 votes
  • 4. Next Stop, Communication Station

    Next Stop, Communication Station
    Photo: u/killHACKS / Reddit
    120 votes
  • 5. Classic Drama

    Classic Drama
    Photo: u/dulce_3t_decorum_3st / Reddit
    112 votes
  • 6. Trying To Sleep

    Trying To Sleep
    Photo: u/MyNameGifOreilly / Reddit
    140 votes