The Funniest Clean Comedians of All Time

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Who are the funniest clean comedians of all time? The best clean comedians come in many forms. Some famous clean comedians joke about their families while other clean comedians generate laughs by poking fun at everyday life. A few hilarious clean comedians have gone on to become some of the most successful stand-ups in the world. Who is the funniest clean comedian? Which clean stand up comedians do you love?

When it comes to funny clean comedians, Jerry Seinfeld has to be near the top. With observational humor and the ability to create jokes out of just about anything, Seinfeld remains one of the funniest comedians in the world even though he rarely curses. Brian Regan is another incredibly funny comedian who is known to keep it clean. Jim Gaffigan focuses on food, family, and American traditions throughout his specials and on the stand-up stage. Other funny people featured on this top clean comedians list include Sinbad, Ryan Hamilton, and Dave Coulier.

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  • Nate Bargatze
    Nashville, Tennessee
    2,120 votes

    With a laid-back, relatable style, Nate Bargatze has established himself as one of the top comedians in the industry. Known for his storytelling, he often shares amusing anecdotes about his experiences in life, family, and travel. Bargatze's clean comedy and southern charm have earned him appearances on numerous late night shows and comedy specials.

  • Brian Regan

    Brian Regan

    Miami, Florida
    1,387 votes

    A master of observational humor, Brian Regan has been a favorite in the stand-up comedy world for decades. His ability to bring everyday scenarios to life with hilarious exaggeration and physical comedy has captured the hearts of many. Regan's clean humor and lively stage presence make his shows enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

  • Dusty Slay
    Opelika, Alabama
    407 votes

    Southern-born Dusty Slay brings a folksy, down-to-earth perspective to his stand-up comedy. Drawing from his trailer park upbringing and experiences as an adult, Slay's humble and self-deprecating style resonates with fans across the country. His catchphrase, "We're having a good time," perfectly embodies the lighthearted spirit of his performances.

  • Aaron Weber
    Nashville, Tennessee
    286 votes

    An up-and-coming talent in the comedy scene, Aaron Weber is known for his clever and observational humor. With a sheepish grin and deadpan delivery, Weber entertains audiences with tales of dating mishaps, awkward encounters, and strange life observations. His witty, relatable storytelling has landed him spots on several comedy tours and festivals.

  • Jim Gaffigan
    Chesterton, Indiana
    1,500 votes

    Jim Gaffigan is an expert at turning ordinary situations into comedic gold with his unique brand of observational humor. Famous for his hilarious riffs on food, especially Hot Pockets, Gaffigan weaves witty commentary on family and life into his side-splitting routines. A bestselling author and accomplished actor, Gaffigan's distinct style has earned him numerous comedy specials and accolades.

  • Brian Bates
    286 votes

    A clean comedian with a talent for finding humor in everyday life, Brian Bates is known for his relatable stories and clever observations. By poking fun at his own experiences, Bates engages audiences with light-hearted banter about marriage, work, and family. His genuine, observational humor has made him a favorite on the comedy club circuit.