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29 Funny Clocks That Are Set to LOL O'Clock

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Whether you feel like you're constantly fighting them, or are the type who structures your life around them, it's kind of amazing to consider how many times throughout the week the average person glances at a clock. Isn’t it a little strange to realize how little consideration we put into appearance when selecting something that we plan to look at multiple times every single day? That’s where this collection of photos of funny clocks comes in. At least have something funny to look at while you're inevitably running late.

The funny clocks you’ll see here range from R-rated wall clocks for adults only, to hilarious alarm clocks that make it damn near impossible to rely on hitting the snooze button when it’s time to wake up.
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    This Fully Shelvable Time Ticker for Book Lovers

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    The Giantass Salvador Dali' Surrealist Stopwatch

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    This Delorean Time Clock for the Back to the Future Lover

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    This Beauty and the Beast Clock for Your Inner Child

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