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25 Funny Coupons That Are Very Poorly Worded

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Listen here, kids. Back in the olden days they used to have these things called "coupons." You could find them in these things called "newspapers." Newspapers were old-world devices made of paper with words and photos printed on them. Yes, it's true, you used to have to read things off of paper instead of a screen. Imagine that! Even crazier: People had to actually cut the coupons out of the newspaper with scissors IRL in order to save money on stuff they didn't need and probably shouldn't eat. I know, insane.

Luckily for all of us, there's a bright side to these incredibly inconvenient money-saving scraps. Sometimes, newspapers came up with accidentally hilarious coupon fails. And thanks to the Internet, you can read all of them here - without having to actually touch a newspaper! Technology!

Take a look at these funny coupons and vote up your favorites. It won't save you any cash, but maybe it'll distract you from your online shopping addiction for at least a minute or two.
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    Discount Babies

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    Who's You Sugar Daddy?

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    Kids Menu... The Literal Version

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    Crack Sure Is Expensive These Days

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