The Funniest Characters Currently On TV

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Vote up the characters that make you laugh - either with them or at them. Must be from shows on TV or streaming that are either in season or expected to return.

Who are the funniest current TV characters on air right this very moment? This is your chance to vote up the small screen characters you truly believe are the funniest on the tube in 2019-2020. Sitcom superstars like Sofia Vergara on Modern Family and Rachel Brosnahan on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel are represented by their respective characters, the hilarious Gloria Delgado-Pritchett and Midge. Current cartoon characters like Eric Cartman from South Park and Pam Poovey from Archer are also included. In fact, other animated series have given us some of the funniest characters on television right now. For instance, Bob's Burgers brought audiences Louise Belcher, while Family Guy introduced the world to Stewie Griffin.

Funny characters currently on TV span from comedic network TV characters like Detective Jake Peralta (played by comedian Andy Samberg) on FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Ninge to premium cable dramas characters like Jensen Ackles's Dean Winchester on The CW's Supernatural.

Which of these current TV show characters in 2020 do you think are the funniest and most laugh out loud hilarious? Cast your votes below and be sure to add any other funny television characters, provided they are on a current show (network or streaming).

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