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18 Dads Who Are Very Out Of Place At Their Daughter's Concert

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Dads usually instigate humor but, on this list, they're the butt of the joke. Captured here are fathers who appear to be rethinking the whole parenting thing entirely while sitting through concerts with their daughters. Whether it's dads at One Direction concerts or trying to make it through Taylor Swift's next song, these guys couldn't appear more horrified if they were about to march out on the front lines of battle.

So if you're a dad yourself attempting to settle your nerves after a live performance by Justin Bieber or a daughter looking show dad he's not alone, rest assured you've come to the right place. These dedicated dads feel the pain of every adult man alive ever subjected to the horrors of tween fandom

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    Going To Your Happy Place

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    Sometimes You Just Gotta Escape To The Safety Of The Cheap Seats

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    $100 To Anyone Close Enough To Cut The Speaker Cords

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    "Say Hi To My Daughter Again, Punk. I Dare You."

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