20 Ridiculous Daytime Talk Show Guest Captions

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Talk show guests are generally a ridiculous brand of human being. Funny talk show guests from programs like Maury Povich (AKA Maury), Ricki Lake, and the Tyra Banks Show (AKA Tyra) have been among the most over-the-top daytime TV "characters" to grace the small screen (and who could forget about The Jerry Springer Show?). Daytime talk shows generally have to go the extra mile because there are a billion other mindless programs on, and they all have to fight for the attention of viewers. 

So here, in one place, are the best Maury screenshots, and the best weird special guests from Tyra, Ricki Lake, and other daytime TV talk shows from the '90s and today. Enjoy them and let every single person on this list remind you that your life is amazing and you're a respectable, valuable, loved person who has never reached this kind of low without being completely aware of it.  

Vote up the funny talk show quotes that make you laugh the most, and vote down the crazy talk show captions that seem kind of underwhelming (although if any of these are daytime TV quotes are underwhelming to you, you should probably go see some kind of specialist).