Funny 43 Times Deadpool Marketing Nailed It  

Coy Jandreau
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Movie marketing doesn't get better than Deadpool's promotional campaign. It has revealed so little while telling audiences oh-so much. Normally by the time a superhero movie rolls around, fans can piece together all the teasers, trailers, TV spots, and clips to spoil the film itself, or least a hefty chunk of it. This hasn't been the case at all for the Deadpool films.

Each and every piece of the marketing feels like it was plucked out of Deadpool's brain. It's like the Marvel Comics character decided to write, direct, and star in a movie about himself and we're witnessing the ads he'd want released for it!

Whether it's one of the many perfect movie posters, or one of the hilarious and generally misleading Deadpool movie billboards, or any of the many vignettes and shorts they've filmed to promote the film, it's all pure Deadpool! We've gathered up some of our favorite pieces of marketing here. These are all the times Deadpool's marketing team proved they deserved a raise.

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Deadpool's Testicular Cancer PSA
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He may be an anti-hero, but that doesn't mean Deadpool doesn't have causes he won't throw his celebrity weight behind. In this PSA, a costumed Ryan Reynolds reminds men of all ages to conduct regular self-screenings for testicular cancer, and in the process reminds fans just how completely he understands this character.
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The Damn-Near Perfect Second Red Band Trailer
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Even better than the first trailer! More jokes, fourth wall breaking, guts, action scenes, and swords! Knowing your audience is important, and this trailer makes it abundantly clear that the people selling Deadpool know their audience.
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The Brilliant First Red Band Trailer
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This trailer did so many things right. It showed that they nailed the tone. It introduced a whole world of people to a character they may not have known. It paid fan service to the leaked highway footage that got the film made, and it got us all totally stoked for the movie without giving away too much. Take notes ad people, this is how you trailer.
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Ryan Reynolds Shares Guy's Dubious Texts
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Wanna get your lady to go see a violent, crude, R-rated superhero movie during the most romantic weekend of the year? Convince her it's a Nicholas Sparks-style weeper starring rom-com sensation Ryan Reynolds! He'll even help you out.
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