35+ Times Vandalism Made Other Things Better

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These are the best instances of graffiti and vandalism making life better.

Vandalism is wrong. We certainly can't condone broken windows, graffiti, or trashing property that isn't yours. It's costly and a nuisance for those who are left to clean it up. Vandalism doesn't always have to be bad, however, and that's exactly what these photos prove. The instances of vandalism on this list are technically illegal, but what's done is done, and there's nothing left for us to do except sit back and enjoy it with a good laugh. Some of the vandals' work on this list is so good or creative that it's become an iconic piece of street art in their communities. 

This gallery includes pictures of funny ways artists vandalized their surroundings, including well thought out street art and other installations made with everything from Sharpie markers to paper. Vote up your favorites, and don't copy them. That would be wrong.