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28 Sad, Yet Hilarious Desperate Texts From Exes

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Communication is key, and these funny pathetic texts from exes are keys best left unturned. Who hasn't woken up to a sad midnight text from an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend asking some variation on those fateful words: "R U up?" Well, now they are, and they've screen-shotted that text for all of Instagram to see.

Texts From Your Ex compiles all the funniest texts from ex-lovers for your gawking pleasure, reminding everyone to think before you text. Collected here lie many awkward sexts, confessions of love, and tons of other misguided and misspelled feelings that inspire no sympathy, only laughs. While some respondents lay their exes down gently and others just lay them out, each one makes like Gordon Ramsay, and shuts it down.

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    Somebody's Lost

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    No Hate Sex, Just Hate

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    Mixed Messages

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    Sadness Can't Be Beat

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